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Painted Pot Program

We currently have over 100 Plant A Row Painted Pots displayed throughout Port Washington.  These pots represent the beautiful effort that our community makes towards ensuring that everyone has access to fresh produce in our town.

If you are a local business, religious or community organization, you are eligible to place a limited edition Plant-a-Row Painted Pot in your public area.  Each pot is uniquely designed by local Port Washington artists. 

The Painted Pot is delivered to your business pre-filled with vegetable starters.  Your organization is responsible for the pot's regular watering, harvesting, and delivering its produce to the Plant A Row Drop off Center at Bayles Garden Center


Once the growing season is over in Fall, we recommend that you participate in our Renewal Program.  Our volunteers will fill your Planted Pot with Early Spring vegetable starters.  After Spring harvest, we will fill the pot again in late Spring with Summer vegetable starters. 

Special thanks to our artists at The Art Guild, Port Washington Adult Activities Center, Schreiber High School Honors Art Society, Helen Keller National Center, Nicholas Center, and local artists of all ages.

2019-03 Shreiber High School Art Society

The Port Washington Art Guild, Schreiber High School Art Society (pictured here), and many local artists are commissioned to paint the Plant A Row painted pots.

Plant a row painted pot

There is nothing that says 'community' like a Plant A Row for the Hungry painted pot by your front door!

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